About GMS Instruments

GMS Instruments is a total supplier of measuring, regulating and control equipment. Mainly for customers in the shipping, off-shore and industry. Besides supplying these products, we are specialised in assembly, repair and calibration. With our product range of more than sixty thousand items and vast know-how in the area of measuring, regulating and control, we can meet virtually any requirement.

With GMS Instruments everything is under control!

To measure is to know. But knowing is more than measuring. As a professional, you want to work efficiently with accurate measuring, control and calibration equipment. In the highly technology-driven environment of shipping, offshore and industry manufactures you are in need of a reliable partner for supply, knowledge and service. GMS Instruments is that partner.

Measurably better results

GMS Instruments is now for almost 50 years leading importer, wholesaler and service provider of measuring, control and calibration equipment. Your success can be measured by our wide range, our know-how and our total service package. Your results are measurably better if you make use of the excellent product knowledge of the specialists at GMS Instruments. Your deadlines will no longer be at risk if you rely on the 24-hour sales and service support of GMS Instruments. We don’t sell no! And you can always count on GMS Instruments as the exclusive dealer of renowned brands and stockist of more than 60,000 products. With GMS Instruments you have everything under control!

A range of strong brands and categories

GMS Instruments has almost all current and renowned premier brands in stock across the following product categories:

  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Instrument Valves and Manifolds
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Test and Calibration
  • Gas detection
  • Flow and Level
  • Diaphragm Seals
  • Environmental and Engine control
  • Diagnostic
  • Valves
  • Flow

Calibration and Service

Calibration is the alignment, adjustment and fine-tuning of a system or instrument so that it fulfils its function accurately and reliably. GMS Instruments not only stocks an enormous assortment of measuring and regulating equipment but also provides calibration and service to get your equipment working at the right levels. Often it is about the fine tuning of a scale, the size adjustment of certain materials and/or checking whether an apparatus has a deviation. Besides this, GMS Instruments provides you with a comprehensive test, service and repair facility to get your equipment to the desired level and keep it there. GMS Instruments is specially accredited and trained for gas detection equipment. Many ship owners put their safety in our hands with contracts for annual service and calibration of their gas detection instruments. Because we all feel that life matters.

Everything is under control with GMS Instruments

As a trustworthy total supplier of measuring, regulating and control equipment, GMS Instruments shines especially in the field of helpful advice and perfect service. No question or request is too difficult, and we will always provide you with a solution. As an involved wholesaler, GMS Instruments talks the same language as the customer. We know the way to translate even the toughest questions or requests to the equipment manufacturers. At GMS Instruments we do not like to say no. GMS Instruments stores a great value in partnership and has an excellent track record of longstanding relationships with customers. With GMS Instruments you know that everything is under control.



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