SEMA Gases

SEMA Gases is originally a Dutch brand of span gases in disposable cylinder cans started from the desire to create a brand which is applicable for all brands of gas detection equipment. SEMA Gases are used for calibration of portable gas detection instruments and calibration of fixed gas detection systems. SEMA Gases produces single gases (flammable gases, oxygen, toxic gases) and gas mixtures (2, 3, 4 or 5 gas mixtures) in various cylinder sizes 10 ltr, 34 ltr, 58 ltr or 110 ltr. SEMA Gases also supplies the corresponding flow regulator valves with different flow rates and thread connections. Manual type flow regulators are used for diffusion type gas detecting instruments which do not have a pump or with a hand pump. Demand flow regulating valves are used for gas detection instruments with an internal (or external) pump. SEMA Gases also supplies accessories like gas sampling bags, sampling hoses, calibration adapters and carrying cases.

With a growing network of distributors, SEMA Gases will be worldwide available near major ports for shipping and offshore. SEMA Gases is the ultimate brand to check if your gas detection instruments are still in good working condition, which is vital to your personal safety.

*GMS Instruments is an official and certified SEMA Gases distributor

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