All over the world, Siemens provides future-proof automation, drive technology, industrial software, and services based on best-in-class technology platforms like Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) or Integrated Drive Systems (IDS). Siemens works in close partnership with its customers to develop sustainable solutions across the entire lifecycle – from design and engineering to modernization. At Siemens, they rely on standardised components wherever possible, complementing these with industry-specific solutions to meet customers’ specific needs in all industry segments. This enables the availability of Siemens her products, systems, and solutions over the long term. And with its strong focus on resource efficiency, Siemens contributes to environmental sustainability in every application. 

The process industry is one of the core businesses of Siemens. Countless applications, installed throughout a wide variety of industries, demonstrate our expertise. But even more important is the value Siemens adds for its customers, enabling them to increase their productivity in every part of the value chain. With their precise knowledge of the different market segments, Siemens can help you respond faster and more correctly to new market requirements and developments, and thus strengthen your competitiveness.

*GMS Instruments is an official and certified SIEMENS distributor

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