GMS Instruments was founded in 1971 as a service organisation for the shipping industry. Soon concentrated on logistics and warehousing. Feeling the need in the ship’s yards and stores sector for service around-the-clock offering a wide variety of pressure gauges and thermometers was started making use of the opportunities of local suppliers.

After a quick growth manufacturers of gauges and thermometers were offering exclusive contracts for the shipping market and GMS expanded by cooperating with local wholesalers in various ports in Europe.

By accepting exclusive contracts with various manufacturers offering instruments for measuring and control the market was expanded to general industry.

In 2010 GMS expanded abroad and opened its doors in Belgium.  The new office and workshop are located in Antwerp, the second largest petrochemical site in the world. The office is right in the heart of the harbour and petrochemical site. This offers our customers full service and flexibility in another main port of Europe.

With the realisation of a new office in Belgium, GMS Instruments took the chance to expand their services. New for GMS Instruments is the assembly of products. This assembly happens in partnership with WIKA (the largest manufacturer of pressure and temperature instruments of the world). We assemble diaphragm seals, pt-100 and pressure gauges.

*Since may 2018, GMS Instruments Belgium is no longer operational.