GMS Instruments contracted for fuel efficiency installations

28 June 2018

GMS Instruments is contracted as an independent expert in cooperation with the CLINSH project and the European Union to supply several fuel efficiency management systems at inland shipping vessels. CLINSH – CLean INland SHipping – is a project in which emission reducing technologies and alternative fuels are tested in practice. This will provide valuable information about their effectiveness and operating costs. The main objective of CLINSH is to contribute to a better air quality in urban areas.

The CLINSH project aims to accelerate the emission reduction by the inland shipping sector to comply with future stricter regulations by:

  • Demonstrating the effectiveness of greening measures in the inland shipping sector
  • Stimulating the sector to personally take these greening measures

The CLINSH project is a cooperation between 17 partners from 4 European countries, including universities, port authorities, local governments and private companies. The CLINSH project benefits from co-funding from the EU LIFE Programme.

GMS Instruments is appointed by the European Union and the CLINSH project as independent expert on fuel and environmental management. For appliance at the CLINSH program or more information about fuel or environmental management, please contact us.