GMS Instruments opens new production facility in Rotterdam

2 July 2018

For decades service has stood at the base of GMS Instruments. Almost fifty years later, nothing has changed on that perspective. Since June 1st, GMS Instruments has opened a new and self-maintained production facility in Rotterdam. In this flexible new workshop, customer-specific resistance thermometers are fabricated and tested by one of GMS Instruments own experts. The completed thermometers are available within the short time frame you may expect from GMS Instruments. To introduce you to this new production facility, GMS Instruments offers you an additional 10% discount on standard Pt-100 resistance thermometers during July.

GMS Instruments produces resistance thermometers on individual specifications of each request. Within our standard range, we are able to produce Pt-100 resistance thermometers ranging from -200°C to +850°C. The length of the resistance thermometers can be up to 400mm. Feel free to contact us to discover all the possibilities beyond the standard range.

Optional features are available including a transmitter and the possibility to have your resistance thermometers calibrated by our experts at GMS Instruments own Service Center according to international regulations.