How does a pressure sensor work?

18 July 2017
Discover how pressure sensors work. And take a look at the production process of pressure sensors in on of the most progressive manufacturers of electronic pressure measurement in the world, WIKA.

A pressure sensor is built in various forms and sizes, depending on the requirements of the application. Pressure sensors are made for pressure measurement of liquids and gases. A pressure sensor is screwed into the measuring point at the process connection. The pressure sensor element converts the present pressure into an electrical signal. The downstream electronics amplifies and standardises this signal. All this technology is protected by a suitable case; which gives the pressure sensor its body and gives the pressure sensor its protection from environmental influences. All subsequent signal evaluation will be transmitted via the electrical connection.

Curious on how a pressure sensor is built? Click here to watch the video and take a look in one of the worlds most progressives manufacturers of electronic pressure measurement: WIKA. For more information about pressure sensors, feel free to contact us, or see our broad scale of pressure sensors here.