6 March 2017
Combine the measurement of pressure, temperature current, voltage and ambient conditions into one instrument, and you will have the new WIKA CPH7000.

In the WIKA CPH7000 with an integrated hand pump for test pressures from -0.85 … +25 bar, an integrated barometer and an external atmospheric module, the CPH7000 facilitates an on-site calibration with one single device. With its electronic module, the calibrator can supply all conventional measuring instruments with current and voltage, measure output signals, simulate sensor conditions and carry out pressure switch tests. Furthermore, via a PT-100 probe, it can even measure the medium temperature.

The CPH7000 uses an accuracy of 0.025% of measuring span. This makes the CPH7000 is very easy to operate. Its Touchscreen with eight application fields enables a fast and safe setting of the functions and parameterisation of all duties. The CPH7000 includes an high-performance data logger which automatically saves all measured values. These can be transmitted via the WIKA-Wireless function to a final device with the WIKA-Cal software for further processing. Also, with WIKA-Cal the creation and upload of calibration routines to the CPH7000 are possible.