8 February 2016
Thin-film pressure transducer, with digital output, OEM technology and stainless steel. The new WIKA TTF-1 now available at GMS Instruments.

GMS Instuments present the new WIKA TTF-1 OEm pressure transducer incl. Thin-film technology. Thin-film technology, compared to other technologies, enables a particularly high long-term stability, since the bonding is made at an atomic level.

The pressure transducer model TTF-1 is made up of a dry measuring cell, which is welded directly to the pressure connection. As a result, the TTF-1 has no weak points as would occur, for example, when sealing with O-rings or adhesive bonding.

The measuring cell is temperature compensated between -40 ... +100 °C and offers a linear output signal.

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