4 April 2017
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UNIPHOS offers all GMS Instruments customers a free trade-in option for a brand new UNIPHOS ASP-40 Air Sampling Pump. So what is this all about; If you have an old or new air sampling pump that you are just not content with from for e.g. Gastec, Kitagawa, RAE, or Dräger. You can trade it in for a new UNIPHOS ASP-40 Air Sampling Pump absolutely for free! No matter the brand or status of your current air sampling pump.

ASP-40 Air Sampling Pump

No gas detection range is complete without the UNIPHOS™ gas detection tubes. Thanks to its enormous wide assortment, UNIPHOS™ makes it possible to measure gases where electrical equipment have no solution to offer. The gases can be read extremely accurate by the use of the UNIPHOS™ ASP-40 piston and barrel Air Sampling Pump, which draws 100 ml of sample air into the barrel through the detector tube, connected to the inlet of the pump.

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