WIKA App for Android

10 October 2016
Communicate with your WIKA pressure gauges with the new 'myWIKA device' app available for Android.

Stay in touch 24/7 with your WIKA CPG1500 through the new 'myWIKA device' app by WIKA. Via the app and the WIKA-Wireless connection, the CPG1500 can be conveniently configured for test and calibration tasks by your mobile phone. Users of the myWIKA device app can access multiple parameters such as temperature and pressure change rate. The app makes it also enables the configuration, control, and storage of log operations. Because WIKA has made it able to let the myWIKA device app communicate with the WIKA-Cal software, the logged data can be transmitted wirelessly to any suitable computer for further processing.

The myWIKA device app is currently only available for Android systems and the WIKA CPG1500. WIKA is planning to develop in the future more instruments that can communicate with the myWIKA device app, so stay tuned.