Model 6B Steel and Stainless Steel

The AMOT model 6B steel and stainless steel thermostatic valve can be mounted in any position and uses the proven expanding wax principle to actuate the 3-way temperature element assemblies. The valve may be used for diverting or mixing service and makes very economical temperature limiting valves for engine and lubricating oil skids where high design specifications may be required for the complete module. The AMOT model 6B steel and stainless steel is specially developed for the offshore- and lubricating oil skid markets. 


  • Flow rates of 150 - 280 m3/hr fresh water (660 - 1230 US gpm)
  • Material: steel and stainless steel
  • DN150, 6” pipe size
  • Flanged connections
  • Tamper-proof temperature settings from 13°C to 116°C (55°F to 240°F)
  • Pressure ratings up to 15.8 bar for ASTM A216 WCB and 14.8 bar for ASTM A351 CF8M

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