RDS3 Swing Gate Valve

If flammable gas or vapor is present in the atmosphere surrounding a diesel engine, it can be ingested into the engine and become an ungoverned fuel supply. This ungoverned fuel can result in runaway engine over speed, potentially leading to critical mechanical failure or an explosion.

The Roda Deaco RDS3 Swing Gate Valve is a small air intake shutoff valve that provides emergency over speed shutdown of a diesel engine. The RDS3 Swing Gate Valve can be triggered to close, which starves the engine of air and shuts down the engine.

A fuel shutoff valve won't be enough to prevent over speed engines, that's why the RDS2 Swing Gate Valve have become a crucial part in every engine room. The airborne hydrocarbons become your engines fuel source when the fuel supply is shut off. Even though the conventional fuel source (diesel) has been cut off, the engine will continue to run on the gases carried in through the air intake system. To shut down the engine and prevent over speed, the air intake system must be closed off.


  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum, stainless steel construction
  • Used in manual and automatic actuation systems
  1. Electric
  2. Pneumatic
  3. Electric/Pneumatic
  4. Mechanical
  • Wide variety of installation kits

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