AKS 38 Float Switch

The Danfoss AKS 38 is an electro-mechanical float switch produced to provide a stable, electromechanical reply to liquid level fluctuations. The simple and basic design ensures long lifetime performance and a dependable operation for several applications. The AKS 38 can control liquid level in vessels and accumulators or can be used as a low/high level alarm.


  • Based on Danfoss float type 38E
  • DIN, ANSI and FPT/NPT flanges
  • The switch box can be placed in any position on top of float housing for ease of installation.
  • Adjustable liquid level differential switch point.
  • Electric, magnetic microswitch, mechanically activated.
  • The complete switch box can easily be replaced without any interference with the refrigeration system.
  • Switch box supplied with a DIN plug for easy installation and service.
  • Flanges included.

Customer Service

Edward van Doorn