High Pressure Float Valve (HFI)

The Danfoss High Pressure Float Valve (HFI) is a high pressure float valve with an internal liquid measuring medium. The float valve is designed for direct flange mounting or welding on to late heat exchanger type condensers.

HFI is direct acting, therefore no differential pressure is required to activate the valve. The HFI is secure and reliable owing to its simple design. The float valve is equipped with a purge valve for purging noncondensable gases e.g. air from the top of the valve housing. This facility is also useful if the valve has to be serviced.

The HFI is available with two external connections on the housing for drainage and pressure equalizations.


  • Designed for direct flange mounting on to
  • plate heat exchanger type condensers
  • Can be mounted directly on vessels
  • Temperature range: –50/+80°C (–58/+176°F)
  • Equipped with purge valve for purging non condensable gasses
  • Available with external connections for drainage and pressure equalizations
  • Maximum operating pressure is 25 bar g (363 psi g)
  • Suitable for R717 (ammonia), HCFC and HFC with a density of 500 through 700 kg/m3 (31.21 - 43.70 lb/ft3). For densities outside this range please contact your local Danfoss sales company.
  • Housing i.e. shell and flange are made of special steel approved for low temperature application
  • Classification: To get an updated list of certification on the products please contact your local Danfoss Sales Company.

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