LGG 185-1550

LLG are liquid level glasses in ductile steel which meets the strictest requirements on industrial and marine refrigeration installations. The liquid level glasses are offered in 3 different versions:

• with welding nipples (LLG)

• with stop valves equipped with caps (LLG S)

• with stop valves and sight adapter in acrylic glass ready for insulation on site (LLG SF).

The range of liquid level glasses is based on three primary liquid level glasses: LLG 185, LLG 335 and LLG 740. The other standard lengths are joined by using variations of fundamental glass lengths. 

LLG produce sufficient flow areas to secure the highest possible degree of synchronous operation and have a specially hardened reflection glass for quick reading. The front and the base frame are mounted together from the front with countersunk allen screws. This ensures easy insulation on site as well as easy inspection and service if any.

All liquid level glasses are equipped as standard with a built-in safety system (nonreturn device). If a glass is damaged, the pressure of the refrigerant will activate the security system and refrigerant loss will be limited to an absolute minimum.


  • Refrigerants Applicable to HCFC, HFC and R717 (Ammonia).
  • Temperature range –10/+100°C (–14/+212°F) or –50/+30°C (–58/+86°F)
  • Maximum operating pressure: 25 bar g (363 psi g)
  • Equipped with boron silicate glass, hardened by an accurately controlled  heat treatment process
  • Classification: To get an updated list of certification on the products please contact your local Danfoss Sales Company

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