Humidity/ Temperature data logger

The RH520A remote (detachable) probe senses the ambient conditions while the LCD display graphs and provides numerical representation of the readings. Programmable audio‐visual alarms alert the user when ambient conditions reach alarm presets. The optional alarm module permits automatic relay switching when alarm presets are reached.The RH520A Internal Memory can store up to 49,152 measurements for later transfer to a PC.Careful use of this instrument will provide years of reliable service.

The 42280 is a wall-mount, tripod mount, or desktop indoor air quality monitor with an internal memory capable of storing 16,000 readings (8000 temperature readings and 8000 relative humidity readings) that can later be transferred to PC using the USB interface. Real-time meterto-PC logging is also supported. This meter is shipped fully tested and calibrated and, with proper use, will provide years of reliable service.

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Erik-Jan Visser