CM83 Power Clamp Meter

The FLIR CM83 Power Clamp Meter is produced for the sophisticated troubleshooting often faced with modern electrical technology. To start with, the CM83 includes advanced VFD filtering to assure correct measurements despite the non-traditional sine waves and noise signals usually associated with shifting frequency drives. Or use the Harmonics Mode to find the sound from different electrical draws, and Phase Rotation analysis to confirm equal power. Even test Inrush Current to capture spikes in current during start-up.

The FLIR CM83 Clamp Meter is housed in a military-grade rubberized housing with a great non-slip and weighty feel. Dual LED work lights will illuminate your work area and double as a powerful flashlight in dark conditions. The large screen has a bright LED backlight that can be seen even in sunlight. The CM83 also offers many ways to connect and analyse readings. Use the MeterLink functionality to connect to E-Series and T-Series FLIR thermal cameras, and store your CM83 findings right alongside a thermal image of your work. Or pair the CM83 with your Bluetooth smartphone or tablet to monitor the meter remotely, or watch results trend over time with the graphing function. With the ruggedness, safety, and precision engineered into the CM83, it's no wonder that FLIR offers it with a Lifetime Warranty.


  • VFD filtering for accurate troubleshooting of variable frequency drive signals
  • Advanced power efficiency and harmonics measurements for system level performance analysis
  • Dual LED work lights
  • Bluetooth connection to the FLIR Tools Mobile app
  • METERLiNK enabled to send electrical data wirelessly to FLIR Thermal Cameras
  • Voltage and Current
  • Bright White LED Backlight
  • Analog Bargraph
  • Power Factor
  • Phase Rotation
  • Integrated Non-Contact Voltage Detector
  • Min, Max, Average
  • Auto Power Off
  • Data Hold, Relative, Peak Hold, DCA Zero

Customer Service

Erik-Jan Visser