The FLIR E95 Thermal Camera gives a new meaning for what is possible with handheld infrared technology. Never seen before image quality is delivered by the totally new detector, lens, and laser autofocus. The brilliant touchscreen displays images in vivid colour while providing an intuitive, multi-touch interface. New calibration technology allows accessory lenses to be added to the FLIR E95 without recalibration. Lenses can even be swapped between multiple cameras. The tough rubberized housing provides dust, splash, and drop protection for the toughest work environments. For better documentation, the FLIR E95 includes all the latest communications abilities, from WiFi and Bluetooth to built-in GPS and digital compass.

With a unique combination of lens, detector, processing, and glossy screen, the E95 gives a picture that looks even better than its resolution would suggest. The impressive 464 x 348 resolution gives the extra push you sometimes need instead of a 320 x 240 camera. Applications from electrical troubleshooting, to building analysis, to facilities maintenance, and even research will be well served by the 161,472 pixels of thermal detection. The FLIR E95 is sensitive to temperature changes as small as 0.03 °C, providing subtle colour patterns across the entire target area. For maximum flexibility in imaging and measurement, the E95 includes three temperature ranges, covering from -4 to 2732 °F (-20 to 1500 °C).


  • 464 x 348 resolution, 161,472 pixels
  • Sensitivity of 0.03 °C
  • View and measure temperatures from -4 to 2732 °F (-20 to 1500 °C)
  • Laser autofocus
  • MSX and UltraMax imaging
  • WiFi and Bluetooth for live streaming and capture to Apple and Android devices

Customer Service

Erik-Jan Visser