XPA System

The unique design concept of the XPA videscope combines portability and wireless operation in a system. All electronic, optical and mechanical components are united in the robust technical videoscope.

The integrated rechargeable Lithiuim-polymer battery provides the maintenance-free and adjustable LED light source and the 6.35 cm (2.5 inch) color display with power. Any probe contact with the inspection object is immediately palpable. This benefit is achived by the means of mechanical levers on the handle, which articulate the probe tip very direct and simplifies the orientation any cavity. Just press a button and instantly delivers the XPA inspection images with up to 7 times higher resolution / quality compared to conventional fiber optic endoscopes. The 640gr (1.41lb) lightweight XPA Videoscope is available in additional versions / designs.

Customer Service

Erik-Jan Visser