130 Eco series

These high flow return filters are ideal for industrial applications on hydraulic or lubrication systems with pressures up to 30 bar and flows up to 1000 l/min in single units. Multiple filter systems with pressures up to 16 bar and flows up to 1400 l/min. The ability to bank multiple filters together in a “duplex” format enables continuous filtration during element changes.

Pressure ratings:
Maximum allowable operating pressure:
Single filters 30 bar.
Filter systems 16 bar.
Filter housing pressure pulse fatigue tested: 106 pulses 0-25 bar.
Eco-element does not include any metal parts and is supported by
Eco-adaptor. Conventional elements can be used without removing
the Eco-adaptor.
Single unit connections:
Flanges SAE 2” 3000-M, SAE 21/2” 3000-M or with adaptor threads
G11/2 or G2.
Dual unit connections:
Flanges SAE 3” 3000-M or with adaptor threads G11/2 or G2.
Parallel unit and filter system assembly connections:
DN80/PN16 or DN100/PN16. Assembly of two, four six or eight filters to
the same system by using L-bore valve assembly (only one side in use).
Filter housing:
Material aluminium.
Seal material:
Nitrile or Fluoroelastomer.
Operating temperature range:
-20°C to +100°C.
Bypass valve:
Opening pressure 3.5 bar.
Filter element:
Degree of filtration:
Determined by Multipass-test according to ISO 16889.
Flow fatigue characteristics:
Filter media is supported so that the optimal fatigue life is achieved
(ISO 3724).
Ecoglass III:
Supported with plastic net, end cap material reinforced composite.
No metal parts. Collapse rating 10 bar (ISO 2941).
Filter element can only be used together with reusable FEA Eco-adapter.
Note: Ecoglass III contributes to ISO 14001 quality.
Also available with Microglass III elements. Contact Parker Filtration for
Visual indicator:
Includes M3, full part number FMUM3KVMU12H as standard.
Optional Indicators (mounted to lower indicator port):
- electrical T1.
- electronic F1(PNP).
- electronic F2(NPN).
For indicator details see catalogue section 6.
Fluid compatibility:
Suitable for use with mineral and vegetable oils, and some synthetic
oils. For other fluids, please consult Parker Filtration.

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