Marine Calibration Kit

This Marine Calibration Kit enables the user to perform temperature and pressure tests, measurements and calibrations for all types of instruments. It contains a complete pressure test set as well as a temperature test including all necessary accessories and certificates according to IMO regulations.

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The Marine Calibration Kit type MCK 60/650 (shown on picture) consists out of the following parts:

  • Infrared Thermometer
  • Temperature calibrator 230V 50/60Hz
  • TP 60 bar pressure test kit
  • Digital test pressure gauge
  • Test pressure gauge 0-60 bar/psi 1.0
  • Test certificate for pressure gauge
  • Test certificate for digital pressure gauge
  • Heavy duty Peli case trolley specially made for the Marine Calibration Kit
  • Seals
  • Accessories
  • Adaptors

Parts for different types (shown below) have the same quality guarantee except they vary in ranges.

Marine Calibration Kit comes in different types:

MCK 60/200-1/60 bar200°C
MCK 60/650-1/60 bar650°C
MCK 300/6500/300 bar650°C
MCK 700/6500/700 bar650°C
MCK 700/8500/700 bar850°C








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