The Siemens SITRANS FCS400 is the market’s most compact sensor. The small size facilitates installation and replacement and makes it possible to fit multiple units into tight spaces.

At the heart of the compact design is the CompactCurveTM tube shape, offering an accuracy of 0.1% of flow rate and high sensitivity for optimal measurement of even very low flows.

From its short tube length and large bore to its cylindrical frame and hemispherical flow manifold, the SITRANS FCS400 was designed from the ground up with the hallmarks of superior performance and reliability: a very stable zero point, low-pressure loss, and high immunity to process noise and plant vibrations.

The sensor frame isolates the metering section from plant vibration by conducting them directly through to adjacent pipeline. Careful mounting of the pipeline with regard to minimising vibration at the meter will ensure a secure measurement environment.

In order to make a complete flowmeter system, the SITRANS FCS400 flow sensor must be combined with the transmitter SITRANS FCT030.


  • High measurement frequency
  • High signal to noise ratio
  • Digital signal transfer
  • SensorFlash® removable SD card transfers setup and operating data
  • SIL3 safety integration certified at design level
  • Certified for custody transfer

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