SITRANS WF300 Series

The Siemens SITRANS WF300 Series are low- to medium-capacity flowmeters for various product sizes, densities, and fluidities.

With weighing mechanics located externally, the WF300 Series solids flowmeters are unaffected by corrosive, abrasive, or hot materials.Handling a wide range of product sizes, densities, and fluidities including fine powders such as cement, they operate at process temperatures to +230 °C (+450 °F). The flowmeters help to improve final product, increase operating efficiency and realise significant cost savings.

Operating with the appropriate SITRANS WFS300 sensing head and a microprocessor-based integrator package, the  WF300  Series flowmeters provide a display of the flow rate, totalized flow, and alarms. Outputs are 0/4 to 20 mA proportional to rate, and open collector output for remote totalization.

Dry bulk solids enter the flow guide producing a mechanical deflection as they strike the flowmeter sensing plate before continuing through the process unhindered. The LVDT in the sensing head converts the deflection of the horizontal force into an electrical signal. The integrator processes this signal into a display of flowrate and integrated total weight. The weighing process is immune to the effect of product build-up as only the horizontal force is measured.

WF330 flowmeters are totally enclosed, with external weighing mechanics, operating with corrosive, abrasive or hot materials. The WF350 operates with aerated gravity conveyors and includes integral vents and baffles for air separation. For applications with little available headroom, the WF340 flowmeters provide the answer.



General purpose for most pre-feed applications


Designed for applications requiring a compact construction


Suitable for flowrate measurements downstream of an aerated gravity conveyor

  • For specialized pre-feed applications  
  • Sensing element mounted outside process  
  • Flowrates from 0.2 to 300 t/h (0.2 to 330 STPH)  
  • Process temperature to +232 °C (+450 °F)

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