E2 Digital Pressure Gauge

The SIKA E2 digital pressure gauge is suitable for both stationary and mobile measurement and display of pressure. The SIKA E2 digital pressure gauge can be used as a reference to explain the checking, adjustment and calibration of other pressure measurement devices directly on-site.

Tare / Zero-Function

User-defined zero point setting at the push of a button makes offset adjustment easy and eliminates the need for tedious mechanical adjustment. Single-point adjustment allows the linear characteristic curve to be shifted in positive or negative direction over the entire measuring range.

Selectable pressure units

Another feature is the large selection of pressure units. Up to 6 different units are possible – far more than any complicated dual-scale or multi-scale gauge can offer. The required display unit is selected directly on the digital pressure gauge and is indicated on display. No conversion necessary; the desired value can be read directly.

Min / Max Displays and Peak function

Experience shows that excess pressure and pressure peaks significantly higher than normal operating pressure occur at some measuring points. Min / max displays and fast peak value measurement cycles in digital pressure gauges assist in system analysis and allow peak values to be determined. This allows incorrect readings and violations of range limits to be detected and helps avoid damage to pressure systems. Preventive service is often less expensive than repairing or replacing defective instruments.


Accuracy (full scale)

0.5 %
Pressure ranges-1...3 bar to 1000 bar

1 mbar

10 mbar

100 mbar

Process connection
Medium temperature-20...80 °C

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