High Pressure Calibration set P-HP

With the Calibration Set P-HP you are able to check your mobile hydraulic power units or fuel-injector test rigs. These pneumatically supported high pressure pump systems can be equipped with different tools and are used on board for the following operations:

  • Setting of injection valves
  • Assembling / disassembling cylinder cover
  • Fixing fundament
  • Creation defined torques

The calibration of built-in pressure gauges allow a reliable statement about the accuracy and is therefore decisive to the quality of operations. The connection of digital pressure reference P-HP will be realized via adapter to the pressure output of the controlling system. The high pressure calibration set P-HP includes the pressure reference with connection adapter and will be supplied in a service case.

Display: Multifunction LCD 20 x 60 mm Pressure range: 0...2500 bar Pressure media: special hydraulic oil Tolerance: +- 0.1 % FS +- 1 digit

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Edward van Doorn