induQ VMI Series

Owing to its robust metal housing and stable metal process connections, the SIKA VMI series is ideal for use in the field of mechanical engineering and plant construction. Its design also makes it suitable for higher temperatures and process pressures, and the instrument is available in three different sizes.


The smart flow sensors of the induQ® series operate according to the principle of induction: The measuring pipe is in a magnetic field (B). If an electrically conductive medium, with the flow (Q) to be measured, flows through the measuring pipe and thereby at a right-angle to the magnetic field, a voltage (U) is induced in the medium. This voltage is proportional to the average flow velocity and is picked up by two electrodes.

Regarding flow proportional output signals two versions are available:

  • Frequency output signal (standard)
  • Analog and frequency output signal (option)

The induQ VMI series is available in three different models: VMI07, VMI10 and VMI 20 

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