KombiTemp K420

The SIKA KombiTemp® K420 consists of an SIKA-industrial glass thermometer and electrical temperature sensor at customer‘s request in the same housing and immersion tube as the industrial thermometer. The combination of the electrical sensor including a local display has many benefits such as:

  • Temperature monitoring from two completely independent measuring systems.
  • Significantly increased accuracy, because the joint measuring point makes it possible to compare the electrical temperature sensor directly with the „on site“ display and vice versa.
  • The installation costs for the temperature measuring instruments decrease because only one measuring point needs to be installed for the electrical temperature sensor and the local temperature measurement.


Measuring range

-60...40 °C (red thermometer filling)

-30...200 °C (blue thermometer filling)

Mechanical connectionG½ A, G¾ A or M20 x 1,5

Length 150 mm

Width 36 mm

Immersion tube

63 mm, 100 mm or 160 mm

Diameter 12 x 1 mm

DesignStraight, fixed thread connection

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