UM RTD.2 Hand-held Temperature Meter

The SIKA UM RTD.2 is a digital universal temperature hand-held instrument for use with Pt100 exchangeable sensors.

The UM RTD.2 has a very high accuracy of measurement. To be able to exploit this high degree of precision, appropriate, high-quality temperature sensors must be used. Various standard classes of accuracy are available for this purpose.

For applications that require a very high degree of precision which is greater than the accuracy of the sensor itself, it is recommended that the sensor is calibrated using a user-defined characteristic curve.

To perform the calculation, the calibrated actual values of the sensor are determined and compared with the actual temperatures in a calculation table. By these reference points, the sensor curve is calculated with a mathematical function and stored in the gauge. The UM RTD.2 can store ten value pairs.


Measuring ranges

200.0...850.0 °C

0...3600 Ω


0.001 °C

Accuracy±0.012 % ±1 digit + k

1x 4 mm-socket

1x 4-pin M8 plug

InputsPt50, Pt100, Pt200, Pt500, Pt1000, Cu10, Cu50, Ni100, Ni120, Ni1000
PC Interface

Data link with mini-USB interface

DC-isolated and short-circuit proof

Data storage

10.000 values with value tables and graphics function

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