W04 Temperature Sensor

The SIKA W04 is a temperature sensor with connecting cable. The SIKA W04 is specially developed for use in solar thermal energy plants. Thanks to the optional digital sensor with 1-wire Bus interface, only one connecting cable is required for communication and voltage supply. A large number of sensors can communicate on a bus line with the control system.

SIKA has developed specialised temperature sensors mainly designed and specifically matched for the requirements of the heating and air conditioning industry. Resistance thermometers such as Pt100 and Pt1000, thermocouples, and semiconductors as SIKA glass NTC and PTC thermistors have become established sensor elements in this type of work field.


  • High electric strength
  • Water-proof and steam-proof connection between bush and connecting cable
  • Connecting cable available with different insulating materials depending on the application.
  • Shielded variant also available on request

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