FSD-3 Flow Switch

The successful design and the excellent functionality of the WIKA switch family were already confirmed by winning the “iF product design award” for the pressure switch model PSD-30.

The robust LED display has been designed using 9 mm high characters (the largest possible) and with a slight incline in order to make reading the flow as easy as possible from greater distances. The 3-key operation makes simple, intuitive menu navigation possible, with no need for additional assistance. The menu navigation conforms to the VDMA standard.

The FSD-3 operates on the basis of the calorimetric measuring principle. This guarantees a wear-free flow measurement without any moving parts in the medium.

The FSD-3 enables the reliable and process-safe monitoring of the flow of liquid media. When the flow is above or below the set value, the switching output activates the downstream regulator or control. Damage and production losses through degradation of pumps, tools and spindles can thus be avoided.

The medium temperature can be monitored by means of a temperature output, without the need for equipping another measuring location. The optional diagnostic function reliably outputs a warning when a sensor defect is detected. The switching output can be used to trigger a downstream safety function.


  • Reliable flow monitoring of liquid media
  • Switching and analogue outputs for flow, temperature and diagnostics
  • Easily parameterisable via the local display
  • Free from wear, without any moving parts in the medium

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Edward van Doorn