TC80 Thermocouple

The WIKA TC80 thermocouple has been developed to measure extremely high temperatures. These high-temperature thermocouples comply with DIN EN 50446.

The thermocouple wires of the thermocouple which is built into the protection tube, are fed into either capillary bores in ceramic insulation tubes or into capillary bores in insulation rods. A protection tube, mostly from highly heat-resistant metal or high-temperature ceramic, with or without an additional inner tube, protects the thermocouple from the process medium as well as from mechanical and chemical damage.

A wide selection of process connections, e.g. stop flanges, threaded bushings and solidly welded flanges enable direct mounting into the process.

For particularly critical applications, there are designs with inert gas or compressed air flushing or with a pressure-tight sealing. Of course, extremely robust protection tube designs may also be used.

Optionally, a transmitter can be built in. Among the advantages of a built-in transmitter is an increased reliability of the signal transmission. Lower cost copper cable can then be used, in place of the specific thermocouple and compensating cables, between the transmitter and the control room. A cold junction is integrated into all WIKA transmitters.


  • Application ranges up to max. +1,700 °C / +3,100 °F (DIN EN 50446 / ASTM E230)
  • Protection tube from heat-resistant steel or ceramic, also with ceramic inner tube
  • Support tube from different steels
  • Gas-tight process connection
  • Coatings (option)

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