TC84 Thermocouple

The WIKA TC84 thermocouple is an high-temperature thermocouple with a gas-tight sapphire protection tube that is explicitly developed for use in gas reactors. Through the monocrystalline structure, the sapphire protects the precious metal of the thermocouple from poisonous toxic media in the aggressive atmosphere of the gasification reactor.


  • 3 times longer service life in comparison to purely ceramic protection tubes due to the monocrystalline structure of the sapphire sensor
  • High process safety with processes up to 1,700 °C (3,092 °F) and 65 bar (943 psi)
  • Reduction of unplanned downtime
  • Increased safety through double sealing system against escape of toxic media
  • Cost savings through the elimination of a purge system and the repairability of the sensor

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Edward van Doorn