TR20 Resistance Thermometer

The WIKA Resistance Thermometer Model TR20 is used for temperature measurement in sanitary applications.

It features a flush NEUMO BioControl® connection and is therefore especially suited to applications where a thermowell which extends into the process medium is either not possible or not desired. For enhanced hygiene requirements for those elements in contact with the surrounding environment, a stainless steel head is available in an optimised hygienic design.

The TR20 in combination with the block flange (low-profile design) is especially suitable for temperature measurement in mixing and agitating vessels with a wiper. The result is a flush-mounted instrumentation at the vessel wall. Thus an easy removal of the process medium from the inner wall is enabled by means of a rotating wiper. This results in a good homogenous mixture of the components and, at the same time, accurate temperature measurement in a mixing vessel.


  • Dead space free
  • Hygienic design
  • Materials and surface finish qualities by standards of hygienic design
  • Material and surface finish qualities by pharmaceutical industry directives and standards
  • Flush measurement, no invasive elements

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