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About GMS Instruments

Our mission statement

Because we know what it takes to finish the job. This is our promise.

In shipping, offshore, and the industrial sector everything revolves around accuracy and speed. We know that agility in these markets is essential. And as a specialist in measuring, regulating and control instruments, we’re ready to act swiftly and according to various wishes; of mechanics, engineers, purchasers, ship owners and many other end users. Obviously, given every minute counts. Therefore, you have to be able to rely on a supplier who can immediately draw on almost 50 years of deep-rooted knowledge. And from an extensive product inventory, so when it comes down to it, speed is guaranteed.

So when it comes down to it, speed is guaranteed!

In this demanding world, it’s the people of GMS Instruments who give meaning to our service, day in and day out. By producing and servicing highly specific and precise instruments. By assembling, repairing and calibrating technical equipment. And by the prompt handling of urgent requests. But especially by understanding the value when the provided good or service works. This can only be done by operating as a single team; working together, each contributing their own expertise, heart and soul. All with the knowledge that you can rely on colleagues, manufacturers and suppliers. That collaboration means that we are in control, now and for decades to come.

With our services, our loyal and also new generations of customers can continue to thrive. Not only because we deliver products and services quickly, but because we know what it takes to finish the job. This is our promise. This way we create lasting relationships; small enough to be personal and agile, yet big enough to stay professional and specialists in our field. That is how we stay ahead.

GMS Instruments B.V.


A versatile and reliable partner of durable quality products and services, with a hart of knowledge and professionalism which combines into an overall supplier.

2019 – present

To support every process with the best solution

For almost 50 years, service has been and will stay at the core of GMS Instruments. We are here to provide you with the best possible solutions. Whether it is an emergency delivery, last-minute calibration before sailing out or a critical instruments to keep your process running. We will give it all we’ve got.


As a distributor of premier brands, first-hand innovations are not being developed in our offices. But what we can innovate is the way of thinking. We strive to bring user and manufacturer closer to each other to come up with the premier solution. Altering existing products to your specific requirements is a vital part of this.


At GMS Instruments we believe that everyone is equal and should be treated with the respect they deserve, period.


When human lives are at stake, there is no room for mistakes. That’s why we take our responsibility for what we do. Advising our customer is more than just offering a solution. It required understanding for the situation and the environment.


We strive to bring you the same quality we have done for the past 50 years, every single day.



GMS Instruments has built a strong network of almost all current and renowned premier brands which are held in stock in Rotterdam. If your requested product is not in stock, we have a supply network at hand to deliver the parts swiftly. Contact us for more information.

Meet the team

GMS specialists
Sales Representative

Jeroen Hameetman

Administrative Assistant

Marjan Simons

Account Manager

Christiaan van Mourik

Logistics & Production Manager

Ron Vogel

Account-/ Product Manager

Erik-Jan Visser

Sales Manager

Edward van Doorn

Customer Service

Marlies van der Tuuk

Sales Representative

Sebastian Kelderman

Managing Director

Bart de Haan

Manager F&A/ Controller

Cindy Slot-Korevaart RA


Tamara Wolders

Junior Account Manager

Sander de Koning

Sales Representative

Danijel Todorovic

Marketeer & Sales Representative

Daniël de Haan

Production Engineer

Edwin van der Tuuk

Managing Director

Andres van Eijnatten

Production Engineer

Tom de Haan

Service Technician Service Center

Tharwat Younan

Marketing Manager

Milan Boer

Administrative Assistant

Lize Rigter- Hotke

Sales Representative

Mirjam van Dorp

Junior Account Manager

Wim van Eersel

Payroll Administrator

Rianda Vlietland

Marketing Intern

Robin Bos


Jesse van Eijnatten

Customer Service

Monique Meulenberg

Delivery Driver

Arie Frerichs

Sales Representative

Linda van den Herik


Leonie van Zundert

Service Center

René Kooyman


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Customer Service

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