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And therefore, all Hoppe products need to fulfil high standards and are fully designed in Germany

Hoppe-marine is a family-owned group of companies with a global presence specialised to the maritime market. It started with the business idea to provide precise instruments and measuring equipment for seagoing vessels. Hoppe Bordmesstechnik was founded in 1949 by the German engineer Dipl.-Ing. Hans Hugo Karl Hoppe. Its passion for technology has been the Hoppe’s key to success in more than seventy years with the constant motivation to deliver customer-oriented products and services.

The passion for technology is at the base of the company. And therefore, all Hoppe products need to fulfil high standards and are fully designed in Germany. This means that Hoppe has the full technical control over its portfolio and remains dedicated to quality, accuracy and reliability. With this approach, Hoppe has maintained an excellent market reputation ever since.

Being a fully independent family-owned company, Hoppe is well known in the market as a reliable long-term partner. Hoppe combines decades of engineering know-how, sustainable on-board experiences with the continuous development of new technologies and innovations. Based on reliable products such as the Hoppe pressure sensor, Hoppe tank sensors and Hoppe Electronic inclinometer, Hoppe Marine is a crucial player in the marine industry.


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