Marinfloc AB

Marinfloc AB

All equipment is fabricated in Sweden at our factory in Varekil to meet the highest quality standards

Marinfloc AB is one of the leading companies in the world designing and selling sufficient bilge water, drill slop, black and grey water and oily sludge and wastewater treatment products for the marine-, naval- and offshore industries. The strength of Marinfloc is their long experience in marine engineering. For many years they worked with traditional cleaning methods, which do not function satisfactorily and are very time-consuming.

An engineer’s duty is first and foremost to be responsible for maintaining operations, where the main focus is on the propulsion machinery and its auxiliary equipment. With today’s demands for efficiency and economy, there is “no time to waste” and nowadays there are higher requirements than ever for technology that works along these lines. Their dissatisfaction with the present situation pushed us to develop a revolutionary cleaning technique under the name of Marinfloc.

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