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2-way Control Valve type L1S

The Clorius Controls 2-way control valve type L1S is designed for regulating low, medium and high-pressure hot water, steam and lubricating oils with thermostats, pneumatic or electric actuators. The Clorius L1S are installed combined with temperature or pressure differential regulators in control systems for heating of domestic premises, district heating, industrial processes or marine installations. They can also be used in cooling applications when used with an electric actuator.

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Valve material Gun metal RG 5
Material valve components Stainless steel
Nominal pressure PN 16
Connection Rp 1/2 or Rp 3/4
Valve size DN 15 or DN 20

The Clorius Controls 2-way control valve type L1S components spindle, seat and cone are made of stainless steel. The L1S valve body is made of gunmetal RG 5. The thread for the actuator connection is G1B ISO 228. The valve is single seated. The leakage rate is less than 0.05% of the full flow (according to VDI/VDE 2174).

Without the actuator being connected, the control valve type L1S is held in an open position using a spring. With pressure on the spindle, the valve will close. In connection with thermostats, pneumatic or electric actuators, the valve will close at rising temperatures. For cooling circuits, the valve can be used in conjunction with a reverse acting electric actuator. Alternatively, a reverse acting valve can be used with our self-acting thermostats. The quadratic characteristic will not cease until the flow has dropped below 4% of the full flow.

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