Diaphragm Seal Service

Diaphragm Seal Service

Broken seals can be repaired and assembled with our high tech equipment to reduce the cost of ownership

Diaphragm seal systems are used for demanding measuring environments with extreme medium temperatures of -90 °C up to +400 °C in the process industry. The diaphragm seal assemblies protect the process transmitter from aggressive, corrosive, heterogeneous, abrasive, highly viscous or toxic media. The internal space between the diaphragm and the pressure measuring instrument is filled with a system fill fluid, to make the diaphragm seal wrists these harsh conditions. This system fill fluid can leak through when a seal is broken. Broken seals can be repaired and assembled with our high tech equipment to reduce the cost of ownership. An additional service that we offer is calibration and certification of these diaphragm seals, whether it is a new or repaired seals. With our diaphragm seal service, we can offer a full-service package for diaphragm seals with the same quality guarantee as WIKA.

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At GMS Instruments we are specialised in various types of measuring equipment, instrumentation and accessories. Due to this experience, we have build a stong network of trusted specialists both in-house as partnering companies when it comes down to diaphragm seals. Herefore we are able to guarantee the same quality of your seal after service, as it was meant to be leaving the WIKA factories.


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