The Siemens SITRANS FUS SONO3300/SITRANS FUS060 flowmeter consists of a SITRANS F US SONO 3300 sensor and a SITRANS FUS060 transmitter. The sensor is available in carbon steel and is fitted with integrated transducers. It also comes with signal cables enclosed in stainless steel pipes. The SITRANS FUS060 transmitter makes use of an advanced transit-time signal processing technology ensuring reliable and accurate signal detection for a wide range of processes. 

The SITRANS F US SONO 3300/SITRANS FUS060 flowmeter consists of a sensor and transmitter. For details and information about the transmitter, see SITRANS FUS060


  • Excellent choice when resistance to impurities and obstacles in the water is needed
  • Wide product program as the sensor is available in different sizes
  • Offers an attractive price/performance ratio
  • Long time stability

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