PSTD 9D0 Differential Pressure Picostat

The Trafag PSTD 9D0 dfferential pressure picostat electromechanical pressure switches provide high vibration resistance and switch point precision in combination with an extremely robust and durable design. This results in switches that can be operated for decades without requiring maintenance, even under harsh conditions. Various designs with bellows, membrane and piston sensors cover a wide variety of pressure ranges, media and load profiles for many different applications.


  • Compact design
  • Rugged housing
  • High repeatability
  • Protection IP65 (with plug connector)
  • Any mounting position possible
ApplicationsShipbuilding, Engine manufacturing, Machine tools, Hydraulics
CategoryEngine manufacturing
Dielectric strength

1.45 kV terminal ground

Approval / conformity


EN60730-1/ EN60730-2-6: Typ 2.B.H


5...25 Hz: ±1.6 mm

25...100 Hz: 4g

Pressure connections

G1/4" f

Media temperature

-25°C ... +120°C

Shock50g/ 11ms
Electrical connectionsEN175301-803-A (DIN43650-A)
Ambient temperature

-25°C ... +85°C


Bronze (CuSn8)

Output signal1 Floating change-over contact (SPDT)
TEB typ. @ -25 ... +85°C

-1 ... 6 and -1 ... 8 bar

Measuring range

-1 ... 6 and -1 ... 8 bar

Customer Service

Edward van Doorn