Customizing the PT100 Resistance Thermometer


Resistance thermometers are widely used in various industries to measure temperature accurately. Among the many types available, the PT100 resistance thermometer stands out for its reliability and precision. Did you know that you can customize your PT100 to suit your specific requirements? In this blog, we will explore the process of customizing a PT100 resistance thermometer at GMS Instruments and the benefits it offers.

Understanding the PT100 Resistance Thermometer

Before delving into customization, let’s briefly understand what a PT100 resistance thermometer is. The PT100 is a type of platinum resistance thermometer that relies on the change in electrical resistance of platinum wire as temperature varies. The “PT” in its name stands for platinum, and “100” refers to the resistance of the platinum element at 0°C (100 ohms). PT100 resistance thermometers are known for their high accuracy, stability, and wide temperature range.

Why Customize a PT100 Resistance Thermometer?

Customizing a PT100 allows you to tailor the instrument to your specific needs and applications. We offer a range of customization options, ensuring you get a thermometer that perfectly aligns with your requirements. Whether it’s the probe length, sheath material, connection type, or temperature range, customization empowers you to optimize the instrument’s performance and efficiency.

Customization Process at GMS Instruments:

Consultation and Requirement Analysis

The customization process begins with a consultation with GMS Instruments’ experts. You can discuss your specific needs, application environment, temperature range, and any other requirements you may have. This step ensures that the customized PT100 will be a perfect fit for your application.

Selecting Probe Length

The probe length plays a crucial role in the performance and durability of the resistance thermometer. We offer a variety of probe lengths for your specific needs. The selection depends on factors like the medium being measured, pressure, and environmental conditions.

Choosing Connection Type

GMS Instruments provides different connection types to suit your installation preferences. Whether you require threaded connections, flanges, or quick-connect fittings, we can accommodate your needs. This ensures seamless integration of the PT100 into your existing system.

The PT100 sensor is available in a 3-/4-wire version or even 6-/8-wire version. If preferred a transmitter can be installed in the aluminium B-head of the PT100 temperature sensor.

The right PT100 Resistance Thermometer for you

Customizing a PT100 thermometer empowers you to optimize temperature measurement in your application. By selecting probe length, connection type, and wire version you can ensure the instrument’s accuracy, durability, and compatibility with your existing system.

If you want to know more about the customization options, our specialists are always happy to help and find you the right instrument for your unique requirements.

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