What is a Premet C


In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss the following subjects:

  • What is a Premet C, and how does it works?
  • Is a Premet C efficient?
  • On what type of engines does a Premet C works?

What is a Premet C?

A Premet C is an instrument which is developed to measure the pressure inside the cylinder, and thus shows us a critical analysis. In a prefered situation, the engine needs to be turned off when using the instrument for the first time. Because now it is possible to attach the sensor of the Premet C to the flywheel of the engine while cylinder 1 is in its Top Death Center (TDC). After installing the sensor to the flywheel, it is possible to measure with Premet C when the engine is running. Now, Premet C will ask the engine specifications. After the engine has been started up, Premet C is ready for use. Now, the instrument measures the pressure inside every cylinder of the engine. The analyses will be kept on a memory drive inside the instrument and make it easy to connect with a PC later on via a USB connection.

Is a Premet C efficient?

A Premet C helps the crew onboard to reduce costs as many as possible when the engine is running. Because it is possible to make an accurate analysis of the fuel combustion in the cylinder, Premet C makes it possible to see upcoming cylinder failures before it can be noticed.
Premature reparations can be crucial in a ships budget.

On what kind of engines does a Premet C works?

Premet C is compatible with every marine engine. It doesn’t matter if the engine is a slow-, medium or high turning engine. Would you like to know if you can use the Premet C on board? You can contact our specialists here.

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