Rexotherm AB

Rexotherm AB

We stand for the design, development and production of advanced production equipment and facilities

Rexotherm AB established in 1944 is a European manufacturer of pressure and temperature instruments with associated completing products. All Rexotherm products are manufactured in Sweden. Rexotherm’s production unit is highly mechanised and automated and offers products at a high quality to competitive prices. Steady and continual growth has been achieved by investing in mechanised and automated production and a high level of customer service. This has been the focus of Rexotherm AB since the start of 1944. Rexotherm is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

“Our ambition is to exceed the expectations of our customers through an organisation that is designed to deliver the highest customer satisfaction. We can meet the requirements of our customers on development, manufacturing, stock keeping, packaging, transport, price and quality.”


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