TUVO Instruments

TUVO Instruments

The distinct orange colour signifies every TUVO Instruments product

TUVO Instruments was founded with the idea of providing the industrial and marine sector with custom-made, high-quality instruments. A vital part of this idea was that flexibility should be key: A customer should always be able to adjust the product to their specific needs. This is exactly what TUVO Instruments provides. TUVO Instruments focusses on bringing you a product, not just a spare part.

TUVO Instruments product range includes various pressure and temperature related instrumentation. The distinct orange colour signifies every TUVO Instruments product. This is also a homage to the Dutch heritage of this brand. TUVO Instruments is continually improving the production process, through additions to the portfolio, changes in product characteristics to better suit applications and by reducing production costs in order to provide the customer with a more affordable product.

TUVO Instruments pt100 resistance thermometers on shelf stock

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