WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & Co.

The global market leader in producing instrumentation

WIKA is the global market leader in producing the best pressure and temperature instrumentation available in today’s market. With WIKA’s high-quality measuring components, they are capable of developing comprehensive solutions together with their customers and distributors to integrate them into their production processes.

WIKA stands for quality: the quality management system of the manufacturer has been certified to ISO 9001 standards. Established in 1946 by Alexander Wiegand and Philipp Kachel, WIKA’s high quality and safety standards have even found their way into the standardisation systems of several nations. The best guarantees for WIKA’s worldwide flexibility are development and high-tech manufacturing in company-owned new production sites in Germany, Brazil, China, India, Canada, Switzerland, South Africa and the USA.

More than 50 million quality products are delivered in more than 100 countries every year. Approximately 350 million measuring devices, temperature sensors and WIKA pressure gauges are used all over the world daily. Thinking global and acting local: WIKA has various distributors and agencies worldwide, and therefore, they are familiar with the respective country-specific requirements, standards and applications. But of course, the German manufacturer is most renowned for its high-quality and lasting pressure gauges. Almost all WIKA pressure gauges are able to be personalised to the needs of your process. With 50 years of experience in WIKA gauges, our specialist can advise you on which type suits your needs best.

WIKA Pressure Gauges

The German manufacturer perhaps has become best known worldwide for its high-quality and extensive range of pressure gauges. Accuracy is guaranteed with WIKA pressure gauges, both analogue and digital. With fifty years of experience on pressure gauges, GMS Instruments can rightly be called a specialist in this field. Our specialists are happy to advise you without obligation about which type of gauge is best for your process. Check out our blog on buying a pressure gauge on what to look for and how to get the right composition.


Calibrating and certifying measurement instrumentation is an important aspect of the safety and quality of the process. WIKA instrumentation is no exception. The pressure gauges and thermometers must regularly be calibrated and certified. As an official distributor, we are a recognized service point for all WIKA instrumentation. Our service technicians are certified and trained by the manufacturer, and we test with original and certified calibration instrumentation. This allows us to maintain the quality as prescribed by the manufacturer. And does a part need to be replaced or repaired? Then we only use original spare parts during the service or calibration.

All instrumentation calibrated by us is performed in accordance with international laws and regulations and the manufacturer’s guidelines. An internationally traceable certificate of calibration, therefore, accompanies every WIKA calibration.

Official WIKA Distributor Benelux

GMS Instruments is the exclusive distributor of WIKA in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. With our extensive stock, we deliver all instrumentation to you quickly and professionally, both within the Benelux and worldwide. Both service and sales personnel have been trained by and at WIKA through, among others, the WIKAcadamy. A challenging platform developed by the manufacturer in which all distributors can test and improve their knowledge around the entire product range.


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