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GMS Instruments is now the official distributor for IMES, a company known for its top-notch engine and compressor monitoring tech. Founded in 1996 in Germany, IMES has become a go-to for engine makers worldwide, thanks to its precise pressure sensors and monitoring systems. These products help in improving engine performance, reducing fuel use, and cutting emissions. We are excited to offer these advanced, marine-approved solutions to help improve maritime operations.

We offer a range of IMES products, including the EPM-XP series of electronic pressure indicators and TCS-01CA cylinder pressure sensors. The EPM-XP lineup, featuring models like the EPM-XP Plus and EPM-XP Peak, is designed for precise pressure measurement in engines and compressors. Additionally, the TCS-01CA sensor series, including the TCS-01CA-PMI, focuses on reliable cylinder pressure monitoring, enhancing engine efficiency and diagnostics. These products represent IMES’s commitment to advanced, accurate engine monitoring solutions. For more detailed information on these products, please reach out to our specialists!

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