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When it comes to monitoring your engine, there is no room for error or inaccuracy. Either you start your monitoring for the prevention of damages or to create cost efficiency in optimizing cylinder timing or fuel consumption. At GMS Instruments, we represent a select group of manufacturers who continuously innovate, develop and optimize their monitoring instrumentation.


The cornerstone of CMT’s diesel performance analysers is their unique PREMET line. Both the PREMET M and PREMET X are the best-suited tools if you are in need of an economical approach to monitoring your diesel engine’s quality and accuracy. As successors of the older PREMET C, both PREMETS are built with a focus on marine engineers making the new PREMET-line a real game changer.

The PREMET M and X help balance cylinder load, optimise injection timing and detect worn or damaged engine components, thus reducing the engine’s operating cost.

Deflection indicator

Most engineers know the importance of frequent inspection of diesel engine crankshafts and cylinder liners. With the Prisma Tibro DI-5 deflection indicator, dirty, inaccurate and inconvenient crankshaft inspection with dial gauges is in the past. With a simple 4-push button panel, you will check all the cylinders within a few minutes, transferring the data to the needed PC.

For personalised advice about monitoring your engine or the usage of one of the instruments as displayed above, feel free to reach out to our specialists.

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