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Level indicators

Level indicators are used in maritime and industrial applications to indicate the fluid level continuously. The operating principle of fluid level indicators is based on a magnet connected to a float which is transmitting the level, without an additional supply power, to the glass level indicator bar consisting of magnetic rollers or flaps. To customer specifics, different magnetic switches or level sensors can be fitted as additional accessories.

Types of level indicators

There is a broad range of liquid indicators for different applications. All indicators display a visual checking possibility—some indicators are more extended than others with gauges or thermometers.

Sight Glasses, or oil sight glasses level indicators, are transparent windows attached to a tank as a visual fluid indicator. Oil level sight glasses are a quick way to check oil levels. Sight glasses are usually connected to the medium or tank using a threaded connection featuring a rubber seal. Some oil level indicators also feature a metal contrast screen and a level point for easy measuring.

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