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Digital Pressure Gauges

A digital pressure gauge measures the pressure within a system or process in an electronic way. Digital pressure gauges transform the measured pressure into an electronic signal and display it on an integrated digital screen. Some electronic pressure gauge models even feature data hold, conversion, or an analogue graph-style readout.

Through this digital display, the gauge shows the pressure with high accuracy with clear visibility. This makes digital pressure gauges suited for calibration, testing and control applications. The high accuracy is what separates digital pressure gauges from regular pressure gauges. A digital pressure gauge can be supplied with a testing and calibration certificate if required.

How a digital pressure gauge works

Digital pressure gauges use a pressure sensor to convert the pressure of the process into an electrical signal. The piezoresistive pressure sensor is the most commonly used digital gauge sensor. This type of sensor consists of a small diaphragm equipped with piezoresistive elements. The applied pressure of the medium on which the gauge is installed causes the diaphragm to move.

This movement causes a change in the cross-sectional area of the piezoresistive elements that are directly coupled to the electrical resistance. The digital pressure indicator transforms this resistance into either bar, psi, ksi, or other settings available on the selected gauge model.

Why use a digital over an analogue pressure gauge?

Besides, the main reason that digital pressure gauges are more accurate than regular gauges and, therefore, more suited for calibration functions. There are some options electronic pressure gauges possess that regular gauges don’t.

  • Display with backlighting: This option proves to be a great solution if pressure readouts are needed in dark conditions.
  • Min/Max values: This option provides a better analysis of the set pressure in a system.
  • Bargraph display: The bar graph display shows the trend of the measured pressure. You can instantly see if the pressure has an increasing, decreasing or steady trend over time.
  • Battery powered
  • Rotatability: Most digital pressure gauges allow for the display unit to be rotated to a large degree (e.g. 300°) for visibility at every angle.

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